May 29, 2012

D.USA to Sp.o.t.s

This post is long overdue, so sorry for the absence! We have been hard at work in Dryclean USA rebranding to our new image.  Slowly but surely we are rebranding current stores and opening new stores to Sp.o.t.s Cleaners.

Beside “spots” being those nasty little spills you bring your lovely threads to us to clean, Sp.o.t.s has a deeper meaning that I’d love to share with you.  Dryclean USA was one of the largest chains of dry cleaners in South Florida and across the United States several years ago, however due to financial reasons the company had to split stores into regions.  The new owners of 20 South Florida locations as of 2 years ago acquired 18 of these locations as a means of weathering the financial storm that winded everyone and has still left many of us windswept today. Why am I telling you this?  Well it’s all in the name for us.

Sp.O.T.S stands for Spirit of the Storm. For those of you literary types out there you might recognize the name as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer’s boat which they sailed on and into their great adventures. So for us at Dryclean USA Florida (South Region) we want you all to know that we are weathering the storm that is this financial crisis and strive to provide great garment service for an economical price.  Life is an adventure and you shouldn’t be stalled or marooned due to any clothing issues.  Dryclean USA and now several of our Sp.o.t.s. Cleaners stores are here to help you with any and all of your clothing issues.

So keep your eye out for our up and coming Sp.o.t.s stores. Here is a list of the all the stores that have now been rebranded.  Stop on by and tell us what you think!

Have a spotless day!

166 Alhambra Circle, Unit 2
Miami, FL 33134


6635 South Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33143

1101 SW 22nd Street
Miami, FL 33129


13025 SW 112th Street
Miami, FL 33176


More soon to come!


November 3, 2010

Crazy Dryclean Deal Online

Everyone’s tight on money these days.  Everyone at Dryclean USA FL understands. That’s why we’re sooooo excited to promote our newest deal available online.  It’s the craziest offer we’ve every given so make sure you jump on it fast!

So what’s the deal?  Here it is…

$5 for $25 worth of Dry cleaning and laundry!!! PLUS, Free Pick-up and Delivery anywhere in South Florida!

Free Pick up and Delivery

Yea that means you pay $5 bucks and you receive $25 worth of dry cleaning and laundry.  I bet your wallet just let out a nice sigh, huh?  : )  Well, don’t lay back and relax until you log onto and buy into this deal.  It’s only available for a few more days, so don’t miss out.

Here are a few disclaimers that you should know before buying this deal:

Must buy voucher from Gotta Half It.Com by Sunday, 11/7/10. Limit  2 vouchers per person. The voucher is only available at our 19 locations listed on the Dryclean USA FL website. (Keep in mind there are other Dryclean USA’s that are franchises out there that are not owned by Dryclean USA FL.)  The voucher is only valid with incoming orders, full value is used in one visit, no credits are given toward amount not used and only one voucher can be used per visit.  This voucher may not be applied to alterations, leathers & suede, area rugs, household bed linens & table linens.  Voucher is valid toward dry clean garment and laundry garments only.  Laundry refers to business shirts washed in water and not in dry cleaning solution. Any questions?  Please call us at 786.235.0795

Jump on this great dry cleaning and laundry deal! It won’t be around too long!


August 10, 2010

“Like” us & Receive Super Secret Savings

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You’ve gotta love all these new portals on the net that keep people posted on all the new goings on in the world. So what’s the goings on in Dryclean USA you may ask? Well, let me tell you about it! We’d like to invite everyone out there that at any one time needs to clean & alter clothes, clean rugs, wedding gown, leathers, sofa covers, etc. Pretty much, if you don’t want to clean it and want someone else to, BUT don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, then do the following.

LIKE us on facebook! lol, No seriously. By “like”ing us on Facebook you’ll join an exclusive group of people that receive savings for Dryclean USA Florida that NO ONE else does! Not bad huh? You get to save some moolah and be part of something super special.

So don’t forget! Visit Dryclean USA on Facebook (Cut and paste this URL into your address bar or click – and “LIKE” us today!

We heart you!

Dryclean USA Florida


August 3, 2010

Back to School Sale on CLUB USA

Back to School Sale! 

For the month of AUGUST ONLY!

Dryclean USA Florida is slashing the membership price of


from $29.95 to $19.95!

Sign up or renew your yearly membership today and begin saving!!!

School is just around the corner and there are lots of odds and ends to get down in this Miami heat.  Don’t sweat the drycleaning and alterations on your checklist, because Dryclean USA has your back offering much needed savings! Club USA is a dry cleaning club that offers 50% off on your first order (up to $100) if you are a new club member and then 20% off (up to $100) on each of your visits for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!  The best part is that you can renew your membership each year and continue saving AND if you sign up now you’ll receive even more savings as the normal club price of $29.95 is reduced to $19.95 for only this month of August 2010.  So hurry and SAVE TODAY!!!

We heart you,

Dryclean USA FL 

p.s. Please mention this blog post and receive this special offer in any of the Dryclean USA Florida stores today.  Visit for the nearest location to you!


March 31, 2010

Clothes can bleed?

Hold the morbid thoughts.  Clothes, although very special to us, don’t bleed blood, but they can ‘bleed’ their color dye. This tends to happen most often to black and white combinations on garments.  Many black and white garments are not colorfast.  You may be asking yourself what colorfast even means. A colorfast fabric is any of the following:
1.  A fabric that has color that will not run or fade with washing or wear

2.  A fabric that is permanently resistive to fading

3.  A fabric that is permanently dyed

Now it must be said that all colors fade with time even if they are colorfast.  Exposure to light, humidity, wear & tear, and the environment all around affect our clothes.  Now a well made garment shouldn’t fade nor bleed within 2-3 wears.  So why does it happen? Dye migration (or bleeding) could happen in any kind of fabric, but it is most often seen in fabrics blended with synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon, spandex, etc. Well made garments made in any combination of these fabric blends were once solution dyed which made the fabrics colorfast and resistant to fading or bleeding while being dry cleaned or laundered.  In today’s age that is seldom the case as most garments are ‘top-dyed’.  This process does not allow dye to penetrate the yarn or fiber completely which would in turn have given permanency to the color.

So if a black and white dress let’s say is dry cleaned and the black portion of the dress had been top-dyed, where is that excess black dye that wasn’t absorbed into the fabric properly going to go?  All along the borders and into the white part of the dress, that’s where. This doesn’t happen in all cases, but in the vast majority it does.  Unfortunately there is no way to prevent this from happening especially if the care label says that the garment is dry cleanable.

Dryclean USA Florida specialists treat black and white garments gingerly testing the black or bright portions of the items to test its dye strength.  Fugitive dye is hard to contain if it begins to migrate so the best possible option is to test the garments beforehand to see whether you’d like to risk cleaning it or not.  Once the garment has been cleaned and it has bled, not much can be done except dry cleaning it a few more times and allowing the fugitive dye to remove itself as best as possible from the white or affected areas.  It won’t be completely even, but it is a first step to restoration.  Another option is to send the garment to a specialist in restoration like Rey’s Cleaners where a very unique and individualized approach to restoration will be assessed on the garment and a long, hand-cared for process begins to restore your garment as close to it’s original splendor.


March 10, 2010

I’m wearing metal?

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Metallic yarns in fabric are being seen more and more in fashion these days.  Designers find that this fabric gives a unique texture and body to the piece.  Metallic yarns are blended with other fibers, including cotton, rayon, silk, wool, polyester and others adding a slight shimmer and shine.

Although this gives the garment an ultra sleek appearance, the reality of the case is that once we put this garment on, dance, walk, sit, perhaps stain it, perspire in it, etc., the garment needs to be dry cleaned.  Unfortunately, metallic fibers are not super keen on going through any kind of agitation (i.e. dancing all night long or tumbling in the dry cleaning machine to loosen dirt and perspiration) After the cleaning process, even if done by hand, often times the garment may look wavy, puckered, rippled or “wrinkled”.  No amount of pressing can press this wrinkled look away because once the metallic fibers have been bent they don’t go perfectly straight again.

So what happened to the metallic fiber to make it look like this?  During any kind of agitation, the metal fibers crinkle and crimp – think of a wire being bent. This crinkle and crimp creates a permanent fabric wrinkle. There is no preventive solution to this permanent wrinkle short of taking the metallic fibers out of the manufacturing process all together.

The good news is that fashion houses are sending out garments with a crinkly look to them already.  The metallic fibers are deliberate in making the rich texture to the garment.  If this is the case, then you haven’t got anything to worry about as any agitation done to the fabric will already be disguised in the metallic wrinkle look it already has.


February 26, 2010

Sweater Care

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If you are like me, you are starting to run out of sweaters and other cold weather friendly clothing to wear to work.  Down here in Miami there isn’t much use of having more than a couple of real warm sweaters, unless you like to travel to cold climates often.  Most of us are beginning or have been using the same 5 sweaters over and over again because of the weather.  On top of there being cold weather, Miamians and other South Floridians are getting some rain, heat, fog, cold and humidity all mixed in one day after another.  This all can take a real toll on our clothes so I’d like to take some time to talk about how we can all take care of those sweaters so they last us as long as possible.

1)      Dry cleaning your sweaters after every time you wear them is not ideal.  If you have not really perspired nor if your sweater hasn’t any stains, don’t take it in to get cleaned.  Allow it to air out and breathe in your home, preferably laying it on top of a clean surface so it won’t stretch, and then put it away – folded.

2)      If your sweater does have a food (or other) stain or you have perspired a great deal (perhaps it was pretty cold in the morning before you left for work and then got very hot midday) you should definitely consider bringing it in to the cleaners.  Trying to clean food stains off of sweaters that shouldn’t be cleaned at home may damage your sweater by either ingraining the stain even more into the garment, transferring dye from the towel or napkin you’re using to take the stain out, pilling the garment in that area, etc.  Sometimes it’s just a good idea to stop in and ask your dry cleaner to perhaps give the sweater a simple spot cleaning if it is possible.

3)      If your sweater is very delicate and has pilled in the areas where the fabric tends to rub on surfaces a lot, for example: underarms, sleeves, pockets, etc. do NOT take a wire brush to the sweater and try to shave the little balls of pilling off that way.  These days you can get yourself a neat little machine, a battery operated pill remover, which shaves off the pilling. It is very safe for the garment and won’t snag it.  You can also take a brand new razor straight to the sweater, but that is very high risk and can absolutely cause you to cut the knitted fibers and create holes.

Here are some quick tips for your sweater-wear:

-         Do not hang your knits up they might stretch if you do that.

-         Do not store a knit if it is damp it can cause your sweater to sag and lose its shape.

-         Do not store a knit if it is dirty or soiled.  This can cause the stain to oxidize, allowing the fabric to deteriorate and create holes and/or burns.

-         Practice shaving knits with a straight razor before actually shaving your sweater.  You can also take your sweater to your dry cleaner to do this for minimum cost.


February 5, 2010

Valentines Day Love

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We’ve got a lot of love to give and who better to give it to than you!

$5.00 Off Any Drycleaning Service in Dryclean USA Florida

*Offer expires Feb.15th at 12pm. Excludes shirt laundry and alterations. Coupon must be presented with an incoming order. Please call 786.235.0795 for any questions. Visit for store locations. Valid only in Dryclean USA Florida locations.


January 19, 2010

Going Green and Clean!

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Dryclean USA is now proudly using a new detergent that is GREEN! Faultless by Nature is the name and it is a uniquely green EPA approved laundry system. Why does this matter?  I’ll tell you why…

Faultless® by Nature™ Laundry Products meet the most stringent requirements of the U.S. EPA and the Design for the Environment Partnership.  This means the best possible environmental and human health profile available for YOU and our community, because we live here too! Safe for you – Safe for the Environment,

This is no longer ordinary cleaning and we are no Ordinary Cleaner anymore.  2010 is shaping up to be a fantastic year!


December 16, 2009

Pay a Dollar, Dress a Child

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Here’s our very first charity and press release! We’re extremely excited and hope we spread some holiday cheer!

Dade County Area Dry Cleaner Dryclean USA Donates Time and Money to Help Clothe Children in Need

MIAMI, FLORIDA (PRWEB) DECEMBER 14, 2009 – South Florida dry cleaner Dryclean USA Florida, along with Atlantic Awnings of Miami, has collaborated with the charity Prints of Hope to help clothe children in need by collecting funds on behalf of indigent and needy families.  Dryclean USA Florida will begin distributing cards with delivery of their clean clothes, and pamphlets requesting donations from $1 to $100 which will aid children in need of clothing.

“This is a holiday imperative for local businesses,” said Cristina Suarez-Peruyera.  “There is nothing better we can do for our local community than assist them in taking care of our future – the youth.”

Prints of Hope, also known as Dejando Huellas, is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid to underprivileged communities throughout the world.  The organization was founded to tackle hunger, poverty, and the lack of medical attention for children and the families of the underprivileged. Through their humanitarian projects, Prints of Hope takes hope to places of struggle by taking advantage of the Dress a Child program to clothe thousands of children per trip and to visit a medical team which sees hundreds per day.

Interested participants can donate $1 to help dress a child in the Miami area; $5 to cover shipping for one bag; $20 to give a child a new outfit with shoes; $50 to give new outfits, shoes, and hygiene products for 2 children; or $100 to donate to 4 children outfits, shoes, and hygiene products.

“Dryclean USA Florida is very proud of our association with Prints of Hope,” said Suarez-Peruyera.  “As a member of the Metro-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach community, we feel obligated to assist our local families in donating the most basic of the bare necessities.  We encourage our customers to help us and the Miami community as well, and we hope that Prints of Hope begins a trend of charity and philanthropy that spreads to all.”

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